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Hey Hey Hey!!

Je suis de retour!! La dernière fois, je vous avez fait un Tag et comme le principe m’avait plutôt plu, et bien, j’ai décidé de vous le refaire de temps en temps pour vous faire découvrir ma bibliothèque… musicale!
Le principe est le même: je mets iTunes en aléatoire et je prends les 10 première chansons (sauf si elle est sortie pour le Tag).

Bon bah, on y go!

music 2

(Comme la dernière fois, tu peux cliquer sur le titre pour aller écouter la chanson sur Youtube!)

pascale picardGate 22Pascale Picard
And I already see the picture of that day
When youll say youll wait for me
And Ill pretend just then to believe you
Ill send you postcards for a few weeks and then
Another perfect moment at the wrong time
But the timing is always wrong


The Way it WasThe Killers the killers
Maybe a thief stole your heart
Or maybe we just drifted apart
I remember driving
In my daddy’s car to the airfield
Blanket on the hood, backs against the windshield
Back then this thing was running on momentum, love and trust
That paradise is buried in the dust


three days gracePainThree Days Grace
You’re sick of feeling numb
You’re not the only one
I’ll take you by the hand
And I’ll show you a world that you can understand


A Beautiful LieThirty Seconds to Mars 30Stm
It’s a beautiful lie
It’s the perfect denial
Such a beautiful lie to believe in
So beautiful, beautiful it makes me



boys like girlsThe Great EscapeBoys Like Girls
Throw it away
Forget yesterday
We’ll make the great escape
We won’t hear a word they say
They don’t know us anyway
Watch it burn
Let it die
Cause we are finally free tonight


Hey There DelilahPlain White T’s plain white ts
You’ll know it’s all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there, Delilah, here’s to you
This one’s for you



the scriptArmy of AngelsThe Script
This world’s a war zone
But I’ve got a shield
And I won’t surrender
‘Cause your love feels
Like an army of angels



Love Me AgainJohn Newmanjohn newman
It’s unforgivable,
I stole and burnt your soul
Is that what demons do?
They rule the worst of me
Destroy everything,
They bring down angels like you





placebo$Protect Me From What I WantPlacebo
Maybe we’re victims of fate
Remember when we’d celebrate
We’d drink and get high until late
And now we’re all alone




You and MeLifehouselifehouse
Something about you now
I can’t quite figure out
Everything she does is beautiful
Everything she does is right



Voilà mes p’tits chats! Dites-moi si vous connaissez ces artistes/musiques et on se retrouve dans pas très longtemps pour un autre article! Des bisous!


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